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Neatnik Amanda vs. a Professional Organizer: Important Paper Peril

While you were at Amanda’s house, you were all fired up about getting your house organized.  Saturday you vowed, “I’m going to get this place organized if it’s the last thing I do.”  You get up early and decide you’ll start with the paper clutter on the kitchen table.  So, all the clutter from the…
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Neatnik Amanda vs. a Professional Organizer: Organized Help

Amanda keeps harping about getting one of those hideous dumpsters.  She says the two of you can get the whole place cleaned up in a weekend.  The thought of working on organizing for an entire weekend makes you kind of woozy.  You keep thinking, “I can’t do things that fast.  I need time to make…
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Neatnik Amanda vs. a Professional Organizer: Your Stuff is Important to You

If Amanda’s said it once she’s said it a hundred times, “Just get rid of all this stuff.”  What she doesn’t understand, but a PO does, is that your stuff is important to you.  Okay, you know you probably need to let go of some of it, but not everything—lots of it is good stuff. …
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Neatnik Amanda vs. a Professional Organizer: No Judgement

Your neat freak friend, Amanda, keeps telling you she will help you get your stuff organized just like hers.  So, what’s the difference between Amanda and a Professional Organizer? You know what Amanda thinks about you and your clutter.  She’s told you a hundred times, “You need to get organized and get rid of all…
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Introducing “Nikki’s Organizing Journey”

Welcome to Nikki’s Organizing Journey, a fictional account of a client’s trip from chaos to an organized home.  The episodes will be posted frequently, so check back often to follow along. The characters in this odyssey are Nikki and her family, husband Mark, and two children Amy and Ben.  Neat freak Amanda is Nikki’s best…
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Clutter Costs Health

Most people don’t think about how their clutter is affecting their health.  Housework is much more difficult to accomplish in a cluttered house.  As a home gets more cluttered, cleaning may be so difficult that it can’t be done at all. Most of us have some piles of stuff waiting to be dealt with.  Who…
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Clutter Costs Space

Clutter costs you in space.  A cluttered home has no room to do things, whether routine, or fun things like hobbies.  Treasured items like photos and mementos have no place to be displayed and get lost in the chaos. When clutter spreads, it leaves you no space to relax.  A cluttered, chaotic environment has no…
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Clutter Costs Money – Part 2

Are you spending money to store your clutter?  Storing anything costs money, but storing clutter is a waste of money. If you rent a storage unit, what’s in it?  Is it full of old things you don’t need?  Have you filled it with boxes of stuff that don’t fit in your house because the house…
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Clutter Costs Money – Part 1

Clutter costs money, a lot of money.  Clutter has cash costs such as late charges on unpaid bills that got lost in the mess.  I have even known a person to write the check, put it in the envelope, stamp it, then put where it would be seen and remembered to take to the Post…
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Clutter Costs Time

Clutter costs time.  Time is the most precious resource you have.  You can get more money and more stuff, but we will never get more time.  Is clutter robbing you of this absolutely non-renewable asset? The most obvious time cost is the time you spend looking for your keys, sunglasses, cell phone, and ID for…
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9 Questions to Find the Right Professional Organizer for You

Working with a professional organizer is a bit like working with a personal trainer.  You need to trust them and feel comfortable working with them.  Asking the questions below can help you find the right organizer for you. Do you specialize in residential or business organizing?  You wouldn’t want a podiatrist doing your dental work.…
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10 Ways to Know if You Need a Professional Organizer

How do you know if you need to hire a Professional Organizer? Here’s some questions to ask yourself: Do I know how to get organized? Have I always been disorganized? Have I been organized before, but don’t know how to get organized again? Am I overwhelmed when I think about organizing? Do I know where…
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8 Things a Professional Organizer Doesn’t Do

As a Professional Organizer I can help you get your stuff, your space and your time organized. What I won’t do is: Judge you. Clutter is just clutter, not a character flaw. Tell anyone about your clutter. My lips are zipped! Make you throw everything away. You will make all the decisions about what to…
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8 Things a Professional Organizer Does

As a Professional Organizer I can help you develop systems to organize your clutter and teach you how to keep your spaces organized. An organized home will help you live a more peaceful and productive life. What I Will Do Support you as you learn how to evaluate your belongings, your space and your time.…
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