8 Things a Professional Organizer Does

Organize definition

As a Professional Organizer I can help you develop systems to organize your clutter and teach you how to keep your spaces organized. An organized home will help you live a more peaceful and productive life.

What I Will Do

  1. Support you as you learn how to evaluate your belongings, your space and your time.
  2. Teach, and help you practice, decision making skills.
  3. Teach you basic organizing principles that you can use in any area of your home.
  4. Help you develop the habits that will keep you organized.
  5. Treat you, and your belongings with respect.
  6. Maintain a judgement free environment.
  7. Promise you 100% confidentiality. My lips are zipped.
  8. Not faint at the sight of your home.  After more than 15 years in business I have seen worse.

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