Paper Management

Finally get your Paper organized!!

Finally get your Paper organized!!

The FreedomFiler® is the only self-purging filing system available today. Its unique color-coded system makes it easy to finish routine filing in a flash, know when to toss old papers and have all your tax documents at your fingertips.  Once you begin using FreedomFiler®, you’ll never again have to take time out of your life for cleaning out or reorganizing your files! The system is easy to customize to make it work for you and your unique situation.

As a FreedomFiler® System Certified™ consultant, I have completed an authorized product training program and demonstrated proficiency using the FreedomFiler maintenance-free system. I’ve been trained in the best practices of filing and how to establish an efficient filing system for home and office, eliminating the need to clean out files, and accelerating filing and retrieval of documents.

FreedomFiler® system

The FreedomFiler® Paper Management Package

What you receive:

  • 8 hours with Elizabeth, a FreedomFiler® Certified Consultant, sorting, purging and filing your paper
  • The FreedomFiler® Maintenance-free Premium filing kit
  • All supplies needed to set up your FreedomFiler® system
  • Standard set up of the FreedomFiler® system – Ready to start filing
  • Customization of the FreedomFiler® system to your needs

Your investment: $750

Paper management may be done as part of a package. Supply costs will be added.

Disclosure: Organizing For Everyday receives a commission on sales of the FreedomFiler®

FreedomFiler® Kept me on Track with Bills and Income Tax

My husband had always taken care of our financial affairs. When his health began to fail, I was quite concerned about paying bills on time and keeping good records. The Freedom Filing System has done that and more. Preparing our income tax for the first time, my son had the information he needed in those files. Having it close by was a reminder to ‘do it now!’

The files Elizabeth and I set up are especially helpful at this time as I am downsizing and will be moving to a nearby community. Files pertaining to the house, appliances, etc. are being perused by the realtor. A book of information for the new owners is being prepared from that information.

Virginia Carr

NOW I am Organized

I bought the FreedomFiler® from Elizabeth last year thinking I was very organized. Well to tell you the truth, NOW I am organized. This system is so simple to use, even my husband can find copies of bills that we have paid. I would recommend this system to anyone as everything is in one place and the convenience it provides at tax time is phenomenal.

Julie Matt