Elizabeth Tawney Gross

Hello, I’m Elizabeth Tawney Gross

and the story of my life is punctuated with “and then we moved.” Growing up as a military brat, and later as a military spouse, I have moved more times than I care to count, both overseas and stateside, and into various sizes and shapes of houses.  All those moves taught me the benefits of organization and made me realize that I could help and teach others about organization. In 2003, I launched Organizing for Everyday, LLC. I work with a broad range of clients, from the mildly disorganized to those with Hoarding Disorder.

My credentials

I am honored to be the only dual certified Professional Organizer in New Mexico, certified by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization as a Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization® and by the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals as a Certified Professional Organizer®. I have earned Specialist Certificates in Aging, Attention Deficit Disorder, Chronic Disorganization, and Hoarding.  I’m a member of the Professional Organizers of New Mexico, Faithful Organizers and the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International. I adhere to the codes of ethics of each of these organizations.

No More Moving

“We are not moving again,” is what I told my husband when we were finally back in my hometown of Albuquerque.  When I’m not helping others get organized, I enjoy reading murder mysteries – in series order, of course.  When I find the time, I sew and quilt.  I participate in, and teach Bible studies and volunteer with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.  And I annually plant perennials in my flower garden.

Make Everyday Easier . . . Get Organized!

My company name, Organizing for Everyday, represents my goal - to help make every day easier, simpler, and more efficient, so you have more time to do what you love in an environment that inspires you.  I do this by working with you, teaching you techniques and strategies that will work for you.  I will compassionately and non-judgmentally help you conquer your feeling of being overwhelmed and create beauty and order in your home.  I will acknowledge you as a unique individual with specific strengths, goals, and challenges, and help you learn the principles, skills, and habits essential to achieving and maintaining organization.

My beliefs about organization:

Perfection is not the goal.  Living a life that makes you happy, in a home that is peaceful, calm and welcoming is the goal.

Everyone gets disorganized sometimes.  Life happens and it is busy and messy.  We all need help to put things back together occasionally.  I can help you develop systems that will work with your lifestyle and preferences.

Organizing is more troublesome for some people than others.  We all have things that come easily to us and things that are more difficult for us.  Please don’t ask me to take care of your plants!  By working with your strengths, we’ll design organizing systems that will be easy to use and help you stay organized. 

Organizing skills and principles can be taught.  You can’t practice what you haven’t learned.  I love teaching about organization and encouraging clients in their organizing journeys.

Working with a Professional Organizer will help you be more effective and efficient.  If organizing is what you least like to do, have a professional help you.  Doing things with someone to cheer you on is always whole lot more fun and the work goes much faster.

A Judgement Free Zone

Working with Elizabeth is truly a judgment free zone.  While we work only on my house, it has had a far-reaching positive impact on nearly all areas of my life.