Neatnik Amanda vs a Professional Organizer: Organizing with Physical Challenges

Listen to what your body needs, even when organizing
Listen to what your body needs, even when organizing

Amanda is after you again about organizing the whole house in a weekend.  You know you can’t possibly do that.  You just can’t make decisions that fast, and you can’t do what you used to before your surgery.  You know you’re getting better, but you get tired more quickly now.  You’re not going to tell Amanda about your fatigue. She’ll drive you crazy saying you should be back to normal by now, even though the doctor says you’re right on schedule.  Amanda can’t understand how you feel because she hasn’t had any surgeries. 

When you work with a PO she’ll understand your physical challenges and adjust the working pace to you.  A PO knows that fatigue leads to bad decisions.  A Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization®  will have taken continuing education classes about many different conditions and written a paper about modifying the organizing process to accommodate a client’s limitations.

 Some POs work with senior clients and those with medical conditions.  If this describes you it’s important to find a PO experienced in working with clients like you.  If you can’t lift and carry a lot of things, a PO will accommodate your needs without judgement. She can bring items to you and let you do the decision making without getting exhausted. Often the PO can conduct a pre-sort—for example, she could stand at the closet and sort clothing by type.  After the initial sort, she can bring items to you while you sit. This way, you don’t have to make multiple trips in and out of the closet. PO’s know that organization is important, but they’ll consider what’s best for your health as well

 Would you rather have Amanda pushing you until you drop, or a PO who’ll be sensitive to your needs?



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