Where Will You Put it in January?

Oooh, shiny!
Oooh, shiny!

Where will you put those new holiday decorations when the season is over?  It’s so tempting to purchase new decorations each year.  That new reindeer would look great on the mantel, wouldn’t it?

Before you buy something new ask yourself where you’re going to put it come January.  Do you have extra space to store that new item?  If not, are you willing to give up something you already own to make room for it?  Are you spending money to rent a storage unit to keep decorations you only use once a year because you’ve run out of room to store them at home?

Retailers have convinced us that we need the newest thing to decorate our homes for the season.  Styles and colors are changed every year to entice us to buy all new things because they’re the latest trend.  But will they still be trendy next year?  Does the purchase of new items really add to your holiday joy?  When I look back to holidays as a kid I remember the excitement of unpacking ornaments that had become part of the family heritage.  Do you get the same pleasure when you have new decorations each year?  You can build memories with the things you already own as you create holiday traditions around them.

As you look at new holiday decorations in the stores, ask yourself: will having this new item really make my holiday season better or is it just more stuff?  Where will I put it in January?



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