Neatnik Amanda vs a Professional Organizer: Grief and Organizing

What things remind you of your loved ones?
What things remind you of your loved ones?

Aunt Sue was your “fun Aunt.”  She always said, “Aunties are supposed to spoil their nieces.”  She used to take you for ice cream when you were little. When you got older she was always willing to try anything you wanted to do.  She was always willing to listen, and she never told you what to do, she just helped you decide for yourself. When she died, you were touched that she left you so many of her things. However, with the passing of time they have accumulated into dusty piles of clutter.

Amanda says that Aunt Sue has been dead for two years, and you should have gotten rid of her stuff already.  When you work with a PO, she may help you to realize that you are not far enough along in your grief to let go of Aunt Sue’s things.  She’ll be able to help properly store things so they won’t be damaged until you are ready to make decisions.  Grief has an individual timeline, and you alone must decide when you’ve reached the stage where you can decide what to keep and what to let go.  That’s okay; when you’re ready, a PO be there to gently help you.

You think you’re ready to make decisions on some of Aunt Sue’s things.  Amanda says it’s all old, useless stuff, and besides; Aunt Sue is dead and doesn’t care what you do with it.  But you care.  Aunt Sue didn’t leave you anything expensive, but the things are reminders of the fun you had together.  A PO recognizes that things represent memories and are worthy of keeping for that very reason.  But you know there’s not enough space to keep everything. A PO can help you decide which pieces best represent Aunt Sue and what she means to you.  There are many ways a PO can help you honor Aunt Sue and keep your memories alive with just a few cherished things.  

Would you rather have Amanda throwing your memories in the trash, or a PO who will help you honor your loved ones and still live an uncluttered life?


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