Neatnik Amanda vs. a Professional Organizer: Pretty Boxes Won’t Make You Organized

When you dream, you shall see / All the pretty little boxes
When you dream, you shall see / All the pretty little boxes

Wow, Amanda throws a great party.  Everything was perfect.  The food was yummy, and it looked great too.  Of course, Amanda’s house was immaculate.  You can’t believe she actually showed off her closet.  Those blue and white boxes make her closet look so elegant and organized.  It looked like a magazine ad.  You wish your closet could look that beautiful.

Amanda said you must have boxes just like hers for your closet.  She says that’s the only way you can get your closet as organized as hers.  You’re wondering how much those things cost.  And they all look alike. How do you know what’s in each one?  Most Professional Organizers, PO, will tell clients not to buy any organizing products before they get there.  POs know that as you start organizing and letting go of things, you’ll need fewer containers.  I find that my clients have more than enough containers to complete the job.

Knowing you are a visual person who needs to see their things, a PO will suggest using containers that you can see through, label, or color code in some way.  Realizing that you also want things to be attractive, she’ll help you choose containers that work for your preferred learning style, your space, and your sense of style.  A PO will also keep your budget in mind and help you use the organizing products you already own before asking you to buy new ones.  When I work with clients, I ask where they want to spend their money, the closet or the living room.  Amanda might invite people into her closet, but you usually entertain in your living room.

Do you want to let Amanda spend your money on fancy boxes that will actually make you less organized?  Wouldn’t it be easier to work with a PO who will help you find organizing solutions specifically for you?



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