Picture Gallery

Browse through to see a few Organizing Transformations that OFE is happy to be a part of. Click on an Image to enlarge.

This closet was supposed to hold craft supplies for this busy homeschooling family. However, no one could find what they needed in the mess.
Now things are organized and labeled. Let the creatively begin.
It was impossible to cook, or even wash dishes, in this kitchen.
Meals can now be prepared, and the dishes can be washed.
This room was supposed to be a sewing room, but it had become a junk room.
The sewing machine is set up and the supplies organized for a quilting marathon.
Books on the bed. Books on the floor. Where’s the one I’m looking for?
The books are on the shelves and easy to find for a leisurely afternoon of reading.
There is a bed under all the clothes and the clutter, but you can’t sleep in it.
Sweet dreams!