8 Things a Professional Organizer Doesn’t Do

zipped lips

As a Professional Organizer I can help you get your stuff, your space and your time organized.

What I won’t do is:

  1. Judge you. Clutter is just clutter, not a character flaw.
  2. Tell anyone about your clutter. My lips are zipped!
  3. Make you throw everything away. You will make all the decisions about what to keep and what to release.
  4. Tell you how to do things. You are in charge of the process.
  5. Make your house work for me instead of you. You have your own preferences and I will honor them.
  6. Hurry you to make decisions. If you need more time, we’ll take it.
  7. Work without you. I want you to learn how to be organized.  You can’t learn if you don’t come to class.
  8. Clean your house. Getting it organized will make it easier for you, not me, to clean.

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