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Clutter Costs Money – Part 1

Clutter costs money, a lot of money.  Clutter has cash costs such as late charges on unpaid bills that got lost in the mess.  I have even known a person to write the check, put it in the envelope, stamp it, then put where it would be seen and remembered to take to the Post…

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Clutter Costs Time

Clutter costs time.  Time is the most precious resource you have.  You can get more money and more stuff, but we will never get more time.  Is clutter robbing you of this absolutely non-renewable asset? The most obvious time cost is the time you spend looking for your keys, sunglasses, cell phone, and ID for…

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8 Things a Professional Organizer Doesn’t Do

As a Professional Organizer I can help you get your stuff, your space and your time organized. What I won’t do is: Judge you. Clutter is just clutter, not a character flaw. Tell anyone about your clutter. My lips are zipped! Make you throw everything away. You will make all the decisions about what to…

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8 Things a Professional Organizer Does

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As a Professional Organizer I can help you develop systems to organize your clutter and teach you how to keep your spaces organized. An organized home will help you live a more peaceful and productive life. What I Will Do Support you as you learn how to evaluate your belongings, your space and your time.…

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