More Fan Mail

Learned How to Use My Own Skills

I called Elizabeth out of desperation. I have this beautiful studio space that wasn't merely messy, it was post-apocalypse abandoned. Not only were my supplies unavailable, I had no room to work when I could find supplies! I had bought books about organizing, looked at stuff on the Internet about organizing, and worked hard at organizing the studio, but was stumped by the last bit. Elizabeth was measurably helpful, gently saying "you're just churning right now" or, even more gently, "let's finish this project first" as I dashed about enthusiastically, ADD in fragmented control, trying to clean and organize everything at once. I continue to implement "sacred space" (you'll have to hire her to learn about this) and many small clean ups instead of one major one that never happened. I particularly appreciate the skill she used in helping me, the ADD artist, learn how to use my own skills instead of coming in with a one-size-fits-all approach which would have required me to fit someone else's management style. I would work with Elizabeth again in a heartbeat.

Margie Disque

Respected my “Treasures”

Elizabeth taught me so many lessons in organizing my sewing studio that I have already applied in various areas of my home. She is easy to work with and when she saw me struggling to make a decision, she would ask the right questions to help me decide. She never pressured me to get rid of one thing and she also respected my "treasures."

Sandra Nettles

Always Listened to My Concerns

I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth Tawney Gross after a change in my life that meant consolidating an entire house into three rooms. I had tried for years to organize it, but it just got worse. When I was on the verge of striking a match to the whole mess and watching it burn, I found Elizabeth at Organizing for Everyday. Contrary to my fears, she assured me it was not hopeless, and we jumped into the fray. 

What a pleasure! She discussed with me everything I wanted to do in the rooms, and then presented suggestions on how it could work. Some I liked and some not so much, but she always listened to my concerns and came up with alternatives when her first idea didn’t fit with my work or lifestyle. Other people with whom I had spoken were selling a “system,” and were determined that I was going to need what they sold. Elizabeth had no such agenda - she used whatever worked for me and, if she could re-purpose something I already owned to save me money, that’s what she did.

Once we decided on a plan, Elizabeth went to work. Each time she came, she sorted, consolidated, rearranged, and left me with “homework” to complete before her next visit. The good news was that the homework was reduced to bite-sized chunks that I could handle, rather than the overwhelming piles of stuff begging for a match! It wasn’t a quick fix but, as she said, it had taken me years to get it into that state, so spending a little time reclaiming it only made sense. 

At the end of the process, I had a bedroom I actually could sleep in, a gorgeous quilt studio where I could find all my fabric and tools (rather than continuing to re-purchase what I knew was in there somewhere, but had no idea where!), and an office that only had the papers I actually needed - and I could find them.  Not only was it beautiful when she was done, but it was so practical that it has stayed functional. Okay, sometimes it still gets messy, especially when I’m in the middle of designing a quilt - but it only takes minutes to restore it to its former glory, rather than days, weeks, or never! 

In addition to being a great organizer and designer, Elizabeth is a teacher. She taught me a bunch of techniques (ask her about hanging your hangers backwards - it’s a fabulous technique for keeping control of your clothes) which have made maintenance a breeze. 

Heidi Nesbitt

Armed with Encouragement

When I called Elizabeth I could tell right away that she was ethical, professional, and kind. We set our first appointment. She arrived on time and prepared. We went over the entire house and she wrote notes, carefully listening to me and my husband. We set up an overall plan in that first appointment.  I knew then that she was exactly the person I was looking for. After all, Elizabeth is an expert with my problem. She actually has a gift for what she does and enjoys working with people like me. She always came armed with encouragement and a label maker!  Elizabeth became my little light at the end of a very long tunnel.   I’m glad I didn’t wait one more day to do this. 

Sue Gaiser

Never Made us Feel Bad

Elizabeth came to our house and did a nonjudgmental walk-through with us. She never made us feel bad and asked us what was working, what wasn't, what we'd like to see happening in a space/room, etc. She evaluated our whole house including the garage. She took notes as she went along. She was calm, never made us feel bad, very objective in her assessments. She delivered good news and "hard to swallow news" in a very kind manner.

Elizabeth wrote down her recommendations for us and showed us by rearranging some tables and shelves we already had, how we could use them for organizational tools, and "launch pads" for us. She gave each one of us shelves on a small telephone cart we had for our "in and out" box. She really helped us in our Home Office-how to file  our papers quickly and we got files we keep on our desk to do "bills" 'taxes" "file" "receipts"-so we sort quickly and the desk stays clear and ready for work. She helped "attitude adjust" my husband and myself since out of frustration we'd both point the finger at each other. She quietly would tell us when we were wrong, again in a nonjudgmental manner which defused our emotions and helped us focus on working on our piles. She got us moving into a positive, productive manner.

That was back in 2008 and the systems she set up for us are still working great and in a new house to boot.  We HIGHLY recommend Elizabeth to anyone who wants to get a handle on their disarray and start enjoying your living space more! The longer you put it off, the higher your piles become!

Celeste Suminsby