Maintenance & Redesign


Are your systems working, but not quite the way you want them to?  Have you let some areas slide back into disorder?

Use your extra sessions to:

  • Get back on track
  • Fine tune your systems
  • Practice your organizing skills as I coach you.
  • Have me do the routine organizing tasks you hate. Hate filing? Let me do it.


We’ve uncovered the furniture and the floor, now let’s make the room beautiful!

Redesign uses your existing furnishings, artwork and accessories to make your home functional and beautiful.  We’ll move furniture, hang pictures and showcase your favorite accessories.

When your home is pleasant and appealing, you’ll want to keep it clutter free so you can enjoy your relaxing surroundings.  When your home is more functional it will be easier to keep clean and organized.  You’ll be proud to have your friends and family come over.