What to Expect

When Elizabeth Comes to Help You Organize


DON’T clean up before I arrive! I can’t solve problems that I can’t see. I promise I will not tell anyone about your clutter. I take confidentiality very seriously. You can see the ethics codes I adhere to under the Mission tab.

DON’T buy anything before our appointment. If you already have organizing products, I will try to utilize them rather than having you purchase something new.

DON’T worry about running out of time. Most appointments are scheduled for 4 hours. This allows time to work, and time to put things away. As a Professional Organizer I know how much to take on in an organizing session. We will make progress, and you won’t be left with a half-finished mess when I leave.

DO plan to devote your attention to learning how to organize and enjoying what we are accomplishing. You will be much more successful if children, pets, and anyone not directly involved in the process, are somewhere else while we are working. Please ignore the telephone, doorbell, or email while we are working. Think of it as “surgery on your space,” and concentrate your full attention on cutting out the “clutter cancer.” You will learn new principles, skills, and habits.  You will have fun getting organized!


Make everyday easier . . . Get Organized


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