Professional Organizer

Nikki Works with a Professional Organizer pt7

Nikki has deduced that her house is probably a Level 2 on the Institute For Challenging Disorganization – Clutter-Hoarding Scale (CHS). This means she needs to hire a Professional Organizer with training and experience in Chronic Disorganization. She has looked at websites belonging to Professional Organizers to gather information.

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Amanda vs a Professional Organizer pt11

Number eleven in the continuing series, about how the neat freak friend, Amanda, differs from a Professional Organizer. Our heroine now has a name: Nikki.

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A Tribute to my Mom

Amanda vs. the Professional Organizer will be back next week.   My mom taught me how to be a Professional Organizer before the profession even existed. She is one of the most organized people I know. She has a routine for everything. At the age of 88, she still keeps many of her life-long habits. Those routines are what kept her sane with six kids and a husband who traveled...

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