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My most valuable service is teaching you how to Get, and Stay, Organized.  DISorganization is costing you in lost time, lost money, lost information, and wasted energy.  You can’t afford NOT to be organized!  Choose the service that’s right for you, and invest in a home or office that works FOR you rather than against you.


Services offered


Assessment:  “Just tell me what to do; I can do it.”

A room by room analysis, followed by a written plan to improve your organization. The Assessment tells you what to do and where to start. Based on how you want to use each room, we will determine what works and how to change what doesn’t. .

What you receive:

  • 2 – 3 hours of concentrated analysis of your space
  • Written recommendations for each area – what needs to be done
  • Organizing product recommendations                                    

Your investment:  $ 400 if purchased separately   An Assessment is included in all packages

Hands-on Organizing:  “Show me what to do; I want some personal help.”

This is where the real progress is made – you and I working side by side. We’ll choose an area to work on, take things out, sort them, give them “homes”, and put everything away.  You will learn principles of organizing, how to make decisions about what to keep and where to keep it.  AND you will learn how to stop the clutter from coming back!

What you receive:   

  • 4 hour session of professional teaching and help with your clutter
  • Teaching in basic organizing principles
  • Advice in best practices of storage
  • Lots of encouragement
  • PROGRESS in organizing your space

Your investment:  $400 per 4 hour session 

Organizing for Everyday Package Pricing

Save money and get more done with a package*

Package A – “I’m a little disorganized”

  • 3 organizing sessions including the Assessment
  • 12 hours of Hands-On organizing with a Certified Professional Organizer

$1,200.00 value for $1,140       Save $60!

Package B – “I’ve got to make a change in my environment”

  • 5 organizing sessions including Assessment
  • 20 hours Hands-On organizing with a Certified Professional Organizer

$2,000 value for $1,800             Save $200!

Package C – “I want to do this and I want to get it done now”

  • 10 organizing sessions including Assessment
  •  40 hours of Hands-On organizing with a Certified Professional Organizer

 $4,000 value for $3,400            Save $600!


Package D – “It’s going to take time, but I am committed to changing my life”

  • 15 organizing sessions including Assessment
  • 60 hours of Hands-On organizing with a Certified Professional Organizer

$6,000 value for $4,800             Save $1,200!


Don’t use all your sessions? Extra organizing sessions can be used for Maintenance, Paper Management, Redesign, and Gift Certificates!


Additional services – purchase them separately or as part of a package


Maintenance:  “I need some help getting back on track.” Every month or so we can fine tune your organizing skills by refining an area we’ve already worked on. Or let Elizabeth do the routine organizing tasks you hate.

Redesign: “It’s organized; now let’s make it pretty.” We use the furniture and accessories you have and arrange them to be more functional and attractive.

Paper Management – The FreedomFiler® Package: “I can’t find the papers I need when I need them!” I am a FreedomFiler® certified consultant. I can show you how to use this maintenance-free filing kit to finish routine filing in a flash, to automatically determine when to toss old papers, and to immediately find all the documents you need to file your taxes.

What you receive:

  • The FreedomFiler® Maintenance-free Premium filing kit
  • All supplies needed to set up your FreedomFiler® system
  • Standard set up of the FreedomFiler® system – Ready to start filing and customizing
  • 8 hours with Elizabeth working with your own paper
  • Customization of the FreedomFiler® system
  • Teaching by a FreedomFiler® Certified Consultant

Your investment: $750

Paper management may be done as part of a package. Supply costs will be added.


Gift Certificates – Give the gift of organization to someone you love


Organizing, like a gym membership, will only give you results if you are willing to use it with an intention to change. I can, and will, teach you organizing principles and motivate you as much as I can but ultimately; lasting results are up to you. New systems must be used and new habits must be practiced or no lasting change will result.

* Packages must be paid in advance. Larger packages may be paid in two installments with prior agreement. Packages may be cancelled before the third session. The refund will be the total paid less two sessions at the Single Session rate. Refunds will not be issued once the third session has commenced. Sessions must be used within one year of purchase date. Any sessions not used within one year will be forfeited or up-charged to current hourly rates.


Cash, Checks, Credit Cards accepted


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