The Mission

The Mission

of Organizing For Everyday

is to compassionately and non-judgmentally help clients conquer their feeling of being overwhelmed, to create beauty and order, and to clear their clutter.  To affirm each client as a unique individual with specific strengths, goals, and challenges, and help clients learn the principles, skills, and habits essential to achieving and maintaining organization.

Organizing For Everyday does this by:

  • Making the organizing process rewarding and fun for the client
  • Developing individualized organizing systems that support the client’s lifestyle, learning style, and preferences
  • Listening deeply and thoroughly
  • Providing expert, confidential, and caring service
  • A commitment to continuing education in the field of Professional Organizing
  • Adhering to the Codes of Ethics of the professional organizations she belongs to. The links to these organizations and the codes are provided below.


 Codes of Ethics

National Association of Professional Organizers

NAPO Code of Ethics

Institute for Challenging Disorganization

ICD Code of Ethics