What to Expect When I Come to Organize

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If you have organizing challenges you may be wondering if a professional organizer can help you. My mission is to help my clients learn the principles, skills, and habits essential to achieving and maintaining organization. Here’s how I work with clients to do that:

• Clutter is just clutter, not a character flaw. I will not judge you. You are not stupid or lazy because you’re disorganized. Each of us has things we excel at, and others we aren’t good at. There’s a good reason my house plants are fake.

• I will never tell anyone about your clutter.

• When you work with me, you will make the decisions about what stays and what goes. Nothing will be removed without your permission. We’ll even make lists so you don’t have to make the same decisions over and over again.

• Are you able to make decisions quickly, or do you need time to think about things? I won’t hurry you to make decisions. As your goals and priorities are refined it will become easier to make decisions. In organizing circles we call this strengthening your practice muscle.

• I know your things are important to you. I’ll help you prioritize and keep only the things you need, use, and love. Although, if you have several hundred pairs of socks I may ask you to count how many feet you have.

• You’ll learn how to get and stay organized. I’ll tailor my organizational methods and teaching to your individual learning style and strengths. I know how to make sure drawers don’t become black holes where your stuff disappears because you can’t see it.

• I won’t impose my preferences on you. My goal is to make your space work for you and your unique needs and tastes. I don’t care how you fold your clothes, let’s just make them easy to put away.

• When you work with me you are in charge of the process. Together we’ll prioritize what needs to be done and develop a plan to work on those things. You’re the boss, so if you want to take a detour from the plan it’s ok.

• Your memories are important. We’ll keep those memories alive with a few cherished things and if you want to tell me their stories, I’ll listen.

• Do physical challenges make organizing more difficult for you? I have experience working with clients with varied conditions and can make the organizing process easier for you. We’ll make your space work for you no matter what your challenges.

• I love what I do because it’s fun! I help people change their lives by changing their environment. I’ll make getting organized fun for you too.

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