More Quick Toss Items

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More Quick Toss Items

You can create space and order quickly by tossing the small things that pile up and create clutter. Go through your house and get rid of these clutter makers:

• Price tags – once you decide you won’t return an item toss the price tags. If it’s a big ticket item attach it to the warranty info.
• Packaging – will you put the item back in the original package to store it? If not, recycle the packaging.
• Old papers on the fridge – if they are no longer relevant toss them.
• Hangers and plastic from the dry cleaners – they’re meant for short term use. Good hangers are not very expensive and will be better for your clothes.
• Cardboard boxes – keep only a few in sizes you think you will use and recycle the rest. In this age of internet shopping cardboard boxes can pile up quickly, take up a lot of space, and bugs love them.
• Plastic grocery bags – keep a reasonable number and recycle the rest. Plastic bags mushroom out of any storage place and take up a lot of space. Stop the inflow by using reusable bags. Keep your bags in the car and you will have them when you need them.
• Condiment packages from restaurants – how often do you use them? Do you know how old they are? Don’t get sick eating old ketchup

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