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Turning to do’s into Habits

            Are there things you need to do every week or every month that seem to sneak up on you?  Turning those to do’s into habits will make it easier to remember what you need to do and get things done on time.

            To begin, make a list of all the things you have to do on a regular basis.  My list includes writing and posting this blog, finding quotes for my Friday social media posts, bookkeeping, planning menus, and downloading handouts for continuing education classes.  Some of these things I do weekly and some monthly.  The weekly tasks I have assigned to specific days of the week.  So I know that on Sundays I will plan menus, and Monday I’ll download handouts and read them. The tasks I do monthly I assign to a given day, i.e. the 2nd Tuesday of the month, rather than a specific date.  This way I can plan my weeks as well as my months.  The most important thing is that I write these on my calendar every week and month so I don’t forget to do them.    

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