Holiday Time & Money Savers

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Holiday Time & Money Savers

Holiday Time & Money Savers

Save time, money and your sanity over the holidays, tips to make your holidays full of love and joy.

Make a budget and stick to it. Don’t forget to include any charitable gifts you will make at year end. Keep a copy for next year, so you have a starting place.

Schedule shopping days during the less busy times so you won’t wait in line. With only four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas stores will be more crowded. According to the busiest shopping days before Christmas, in date order, will be:
Saturday the 12th
Sunday the 13th
Saturday the 19th. This day is being called “Super Saturday.” Personally, I don’t plan to get within a mile of the mall.
Sunday the 20th
Monday the 21st

Order gifts online from retailers that offer free shipping. No standing in line.

If you can, wrap gifts as you bring them home. This will avoid staying up all night on Christmas Eve.

Set up a gift wrapping container with scissors, tape, tags, ribbons and bows that you can take to a place away from prying eyes.

Read the assembly directions, in advance, for anything you will put together. Get the tools together before you assemble. Trust me, hunting for the right size screwdriver at 2am is not conducive to a happy Christmas morning.

Buy batteries now so they’re ready to put in the new toys.

Schedule time to relax and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. People will remember the time you spent with them longer than the gifts you give them.

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