Perfectionism is a Time Waster

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Perfectionism is a Time Waster

Perfectionism is a Time Waster


It would seem that perfectionists would not waste time, that they would want everything to be done on time. The reality is that perfectionism can be a big time waster.

Many people put things off because they feel they don’t have enough time to do them perfectly. If a task is postponed, it will have to be done in a rush to meet a deadline. This gives the perfectionist an excuse for not doing a perfect job, they simply didn’t have time to make it perfect and still meet the deadline. Consistently putting things off until the last minute means time that should be spent on other things is used to finish the postponed projects right now. This can become a habit that can lead to health damage from a constant high stress level.

Perfectionists often waste a lot of time fretting over every detail of a project because they can’t prioritize. When everything has to be perfect, there isn’t time to focus on the things that really do deserve extra time and precision.

Overcoming a lifetime of perfectionism is difficult. Trust me I know. I am working hard at curbing my own perfectionism. I try to see a project in its entirety before I pick out all the pieces. When I look at the big picture I can then prioritize the parts that need to be given extra attention to detail and those that don’t. Making mini deadlines to complete the project in phases keeps me on track and helps keep me from getting bogged down with the small details. If I make all my intermediate deadlines, I may even have time to do some final touch ups before it is due.


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