Always Late?

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Always Late?

Are you always running late? Have your friends and family started telling you things start a half hour before they do just so you will be there on time? Why are you always late?

Many people live in a world with “magical time.” In magical time: a 20 minute drive to an appointment only takes 10 minutes, a project that usually takes 2 hours can be done in 30 minutes, and you can wake up at 7:30, shower, do your hair and makeup, get dressed, drive for 15 minutes, and be at work at 8.

To overcome a magical time mindset, use a stopwatch to determine how long things really take. You can most likely use for phone for this. Once you know how much time to set aside for the things you do, you can set a much more realistic schedule. If you use your phone for your schedule, start with the time you need to begin getting ready to leave. That time is the beginning of the sequence of events that will get you there on time. The appointment time is the end of the sequence.

Another variation of magical time is “one more thing itis.” You see a small thing you should do before you leave, so you do it even though there is not enough time. One minute before you have to leave for a meeting is not a good time to check your Facebook. If you have timed your tasks, you will know approximately how long things take and can stop trying to do one more thing before you leave.

One of the things that has helped me to be on time is to remember the African proverb that says “Everything takes longer than it does.”



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