Coping in a Crises – What’s Really Important?

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Coping in a Crises – What’s Really Important?

How can you cope with a crises that literally takes all your time? I have been dealing with a crises situation with a client. It developed because of a car accident which has resulted in what, he hopes, is a short term disability. He is hoping to be able to walk well enough to go back to work in a few months. The injury necessitated a very quick search for a ground floor apartment, packing, moving, unpacking, sales of items that don’t work in the new place, and donations. All this had to happen before he could be released from the rehabilitation facility.

So how did I cope with this very critical and time consuming situation? First, I decided what things are the most important in my life. Even with long hours I still tried to take some time to be with my family. I never gave up my weekly church attendance because of the spiritual uplifting and the support I get from my church family. Since sleep is a necessity for my physical strength and mental stability, I did not skimp on it. I confess I didn’t get to the gym very often during this time. I should have, to combat the stress, but I decided that sleep was more important.

On a practical basis, I made sure the laundry was kept up. I can’t work, nor can my family members, if we don’t have clean clothes. Grocery shopping is also important. You can’t throw together a quick meal without the ingredients. Yes, we ate a lot of convenience food, but it was better, and cheaper, than going through the drive up. Dishes got washed, too. You can’t eat without clean dishes, and you can’t make a meal if dishes are piled up. A big thank you to my family who took on more than their share to keep things running. Non – critical business tasks, such as writing a blog post, were put off until I had a minute to breathe. Paying estimated and gross receipts taxes and bills were obviously critical and done on time.

Coping with a crises can be made easier by concentrating on those tasks that provide for your well-being and sanity. After the crises, look at what you put off. Is it really important, or can it be discontinued to allow you to focus on the really important things?

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