You Can’t Manage Time

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You Can’t Manage Time

Time can’t be managed. The only thing that can be managed is your use of time. However, time management is the term we to describe the way we spend our time, so we’ll use that term.
Most of my disorganized clients also have trouble with managing time. Whether the lack of time management or the disorganization came first, the result is the same, clutter and frustration. Many people tell me they just don’t have the time to get organized. The reality is that you don’t have time to be disorganized. The time spent looking for your keys and cell phone is time wasted that you could be using to do other things.
Poor time management can lead to increased anxiety and stress. When you’re frantically looking for your keys so you can get to work, your heart starts pounding, as your body reacts to your increased anxiety about being late for work. We all know that constant stress is not good for our bodies or our minds.
In the next posts I will be taking about some of the reasons for poor time management and solutions to help you get to work on time.

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