New Name = New Purpose

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New Name = New Purpose

To repurpose a room or an area it helps to rename it. If you are a loyal reader, you have heard me say repeatedly to declare or define an area by its new use.
When I work with clients I always ask them what they call their rooms. This tells me how they define the purpose of the room. I have had several clients that still called the unused bedrooms “Sue’s room,” and “David’s room.” When I ask how old Sue and David are, the answer is often 35 and married with kids. They tell me they really want an office or a craft room, but can’t see that “Sue’s room” could be the office. Until they can let go of the old name and purpose, they can’t start to envision the room as the new office or craft room.
Often giving the room a new name is difficult. It means accepting that that life has changed, the kids are grown up and leading independent lives. I often ask clients to start the change process by thinking about how a new office or craft room would make their lives easier. Once they can see the benefits of repurposing the room, it becomes easier to start actually planning for it.
It helps to get everyone referring to the room with the new name as quickly as possible. I have often posted a sign on the door with the new name to get everyone used to it, because. . .
“Words have meaning and names have power,” Author Unknown

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