Defeat Clutter Magnets – Divide and Conquer

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Defeat Clutter Magnets – Divide and Conquer

Are the clutter magnets still really strong, even though you have declared a space as sacred? If there is no place else for the clutter to go, then no matter how many times you clear the space the power of the magnet is still there. You can, however, weaken the power by dividing it and directing it to other places.
If stuff is still being dumped, move the magnetic power to a container. The container must be kept close to the space you are trying to keep clear, and only used for specific types of items. By doing this you are acknowledging the power of the clutter magnet, but moving it from your sacred space. Using a container also limits the amount of stuff to the size of the container. When the mail basket is full, it’s time to work on the mail. Labeling the new containers will help others know where to put things.
If lots of different types of items have ended up in your space, you’ll have to determine which ones are worthy of a container, and which ones are just stuff that was dumped because the clutter was attracting new clutter. Remember the magnetic attraction to clutter increases the more stuff you have. If you end up with lots of containers you might be encouraging clutter instead of eliminating it.
By using containers you can divide and conquer the magnetic power of your sacred space and weakens its attraction.

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