Clutter Magnets

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Clutter Magnets

Clutter is magnetically attracted to places in your home, and not just the refrigerator door. The first flat surface you see when you come into the house has the strongest attraction. Usually that’s the kitchen counter or the couch. It’s wherever dumping the stuff is in your hands is the quickest and easiest.
After a few days of sitting on the highly charged surface the clutter itself becomes magnetic. This makes the attraction even stronger. The stuff left on the kitchen counter pulls even more clutter to it. The bigger the pile of clutter the stronger the magnetic pull to more stuff. Yesterday’s dropped mail will attract today’s mail which will attract tomorrow’s mail. The magnetism of piled up clutter is so strong that, even when the surface is full, new clutter will pile up next to it. This is the “clutter attracts clutter” formula that leads to a disorganized house.
There are ways to combat this magnetic pull. I’ll discuss them in the next post. In the meantime, look around your house and find the clutter magnets. Now that you know how they work, you’ll be able to find where they are.
BTW, the strongest magnet in my house is my mouth. It can pull chocolate from the highest shelf in the panty straight to it.

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