Organizing Around the Clock

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Organizing Around the Clock

No, I don’t mean organizing 24 hours a day. I’m taking about a systematic way to organize a room by visualizing a clock face. This method will help you focus on just one area at a time, instead of zig-zagging all over the room.
It’s a very simple method that starts in one place and doesn’t move until that area is finished.
You can use this easy method to plan your organizing. In a small area you can see most of what is there and start thinking about what to discard, donate or find a home for before you even start. Pick a spot in the room and call it 12 o’clock. Work on that area until you have it all cleared. Move on to the 1 o’clock position. Organize that area and then move to the next “hour.” Using the hours of the clock helps you to focus on only the area you are working on right now. If you get easily distracted, take sheets or blankets and cover everything but the space/hour you are working on right now.
If your room is very cluttered, it may take several organizing sessions to move from one place to the next. Don’t get discouraged. Just keep working a bit at a time, and you will soon be organized around the clock.

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