Quick and Clean Laundry Day

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You can get the laundry done without pain no matter how small your laundry area. Learn some tricks to making laundry day easier.
Nikki and her Professional Organizer, Elizabeth, are working to make laundry day easier even though Nikki has a minuscule laundry room. Nikki’s laundry area is the hallway between the garage and the house. It’s so small Nikki has to lock the doors at each end to keep from getting hit while she’s in there.
Nikki and Elizabeth have designated the dining room as “laundry central” for wash day. Dirty clothes will be sorted and folded there, as well as distributed to each family member’s basket to be put away.
Elizabeth’s has a few tricks for getting clothes folded on a timely basis. The first, fold each load as it comes out of the dryer. Most loads take less than five minutes to fold. The second, never sit on the couch to fold. If you sit down you’ll be surrounded by piles that collapse as soon as you stand up. Piles of clothes on the couch will start doing the “laundry dance.” They’ll get moved from one end of the couch to the other, then to the chair, then the coffee table, and end up in a wrinkled mess on the floor.
Using the dining room as “laundry central” gives Nikki a place to quickly and easily fold clothes. Since everyone’s baskets are in “laundry central”, she can quickly distribute them. Elizabeth timed Nikki as she took a load of clothes out of the dryer, to the table, folded them and put them in the baskets. Nikki was very surprised to find that folding a load of laundry takes less than five minutes.
The only thing Nikki’s “laundry central” dining room lacks is a place for clothes that are hung up. Elizabeth suggests Nikki find an over-the-door rack with lots of hooks. The hooks will conveniently hold the hangers during laundry day. If the rack can be put up on one of the doors in the laundry area, the clothes can be put on the hangers straight from the dryer.
Elizabeth’s third, and most important laundry trick, set a timer every time you put a load in the dryer. You can keep the washer and dryer going continuously if you don’t let clothes sit in the dryer. That’s the most energy and time efficient way to get the laundry done.
Finally, at the end of the day put all the clean clothes away. You won’t have to worry about laundry for another week and your house won’t look like a laundromat.

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