Laundry Central

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Laundry Central

How to get the laundry done when you don’t have any space. You can get the laundry done even if your laundry area is a closet, by creating “Laundry Central” for wash day.
Nikki and her Professional Organizer, Elizabeth, are designing a laundry system that will work with Nikki’s family, lifestyle, and her minuscule laundry room. Nikki’s laundry area is the hallway between the garage and the house. It is so small Nikki has to lock the doors at each end to keep from getting hit while she is in there.
Elizabeth’s first suggestion to Nikki is to do all the laundry in one day. With no room to sort, fold or hang, piles of laundry end up all over, all the time. Elizabeth explains to Nikki that by doing all the laundry on one day, the piles of clean and dirty clothes will disappear by the end of the day.
There are three essential elements to make doing all the laundry in one day work. The first is to get everyone in the family involved. Everyone can help by sorting their own dirty clothes into the various loads. Even young children can help sort laundry. Ask them to “put all the socks here.” Everyone should pitch in to fold the clean clothes and, of course, everyone will be responsible for putting their clean clothes away at the end of the day.
The second element needed is a space that can be designated as “Laundry Central” for the day.
This space needs to have enough space for sorting dirty clothes and for the sorted loads waiting to go in the washer. A surface for folding is very helpful. The space should also accommodate a basket for each family member’s folded clothes.
In Nikki’s house, Elizabeth recommends the dining room become “Laundry Central” on wash day. Nikki asks Elizabeth what she will say if someone drops by and sees all the laundry stacked up in the dining room. Elizabeth asks her what she tells people now when there is laundry everywhere. Nikki laughs and says, “I just say I’m in the middle of doing laundry. Of course, I have to say that every day because there’s always laundry sitting around.”
In the next post, Elizabeth and Nikki will finish setting up an efficient laundry system.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.
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