Your Laundry Room, Dream or Nightmare?

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Your Laundry Room, Dream or Nightmare?

Is your laundry “room” a dream or a nightmare? Is it so small there’s no space to do anything except put clothes in the washer and dryer? If your dreams came true what would you be able to do in your laundry room?
Elizabeth, Nikki’s Professional Organizer, asks her what the perfect laundry room would include. Nikki tells Elizabeth, “In my dream laundry room, there’d be enough room to sort all the dirty clothes. After the laundry gets sorted, I’d be able to leave the baskets there until I put the clothes in the washer. I want a place I can fold clothes and a place to hang the shirts and other things that go on hangers. It would be great to have room for a basket for each person, so their folded clothes can go straight into their basket, and not get piled on the sofa.” Nikki looks at her current laundry room and tells Elizabeth, “That’s my dream laundry room, what I’m looking at is my nightmare.”
Nikki and Elizabeth agree that, without remodeling, the dream laundry room isn’t possible in Nikki’s house. But, Elizabeth assures Nikki, they can still make doing the laundry easier and faster. The secret, Elizabeth explains, is to find the space to complete every one of the many steps in the laundry process,
In the next post, Elizabeth will help Nikki end the laundry nightmares.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.
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