Today is Laundry Day

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Today is Laundry Day

Laundry is more complicated than you thought, isn’t it? The last several, six in fact, posts have been dedicated to the subject of laundry. In this last laundry post I will tell you about the system I use, “today is laundry day.”
In my family of four, we choose a laundry day, and all the laundry get done and put away on that day. When I was an at home mom with little kids I had a laundry day during the week. When I started my professional organizing business we started doing it on the weekends. This method became the most efficient way for us when my husband was traveling, and only home on weekends. When the kids moved out and didn’t want to use the dorm laundromat they brought their laundry home on weekends, and raided the fridge and pantry at the same time. It’s important to know that I have not been the sole provider of laundry services in my house since the kids were tall enough to put clothes in the washer. Everyone pitches in to get it done in one day. There are laundry baskets in each bedroom and everyone is responsible for bringing their own clothes to the laundry room and putting them away.
The big advantage of doing all the laundry in one day is that, except for the clothes we are wearing, all the laundry gets finished, and we don’t think about it for another week. I can’t talk everyone into being naked on laundry day, so at the end of the day, there are still some dirty clothes. The most important benefit is that sorting, folding, and putting away, the actual hard part of laundry, is only done once a week.
Since everyone’s clothes are done at once, we run large loads, saving energy and water. More loads also allows us to separate, not just by color but also by fabric type. My husband wears dress pants to work every day. With five pairs of his pants plus mine we can make a load. This means the jeans don’t rub against our light weight pants and make them wear faster. Loads are done consecutively, so the dryer is warm from the previous load when the next one goes in. This saves not only energy, but also time, because the clothes dry faster. Keeping both the washer and dryer going at the same time also means that in a week we spend much less time, in total, doing laundry than if we did one load a day.
Sometimes we are not able to get all the loads done in one day because we are especially busy. But with some planning we get the majority done with only a few for the next day. If we know we will be gone all afternoon we plan the loads so one, like underwear, that can sit in the dryer, is turned on as we leave. Since everyone pitches in, there is usually someone at home who can continue the routine, so it still gets finished in one day. This is possible because everyone knows how to do every step of the laundry process.
I have had many people say that with this method you are “chained to the laundry room all day.” Just as you don’t stand and watch your oven for an hour while a casserole bakes, you don’t stand and watch the washer and dryer go around. Laundry is an “ongoing independent.” While the washer and dryer are running, you can do something else until you have to switch the loads. The timer is our best friend on laundry day, so we can keep the process going.
We’ve been talking different laundry methods for several posts. Pick the one that works for your family and enjoy your clean clothes.

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