Jeans on Monday, Whites on Tuesday

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Jeans on Monday, Whites on Tuesday

Laundry systems are as unique as the families that use them. Most systems, with minor variations, fall into one of the methods I’ve been writing about. Which one you choose is not important. The critical thing is that you find a method that works as effortlessly as possible for your family. In this post, I’ll describe the “Jeans on Monday, Whites on Tuesday” approach.
Assigning a day of the week to a type of laundry is a system that works well for busy families. Each day’s load can be put in the washer before work and thrown in the dryer when you get home. One of the big advantages to this formula, is that in a week all the laundry gets done. Since you are only doing one load a day, it’s easy to keep up the routine and not to get behind. If you do have to skip a day, you can catch up by doing two loads on the same day.
If you can get your family to cooperate, everyone will be able to help with laundry since the schedule is set and only a certain type of clothes go in each day. This is also a good way to teach kids how to sort laundry, so when they go to college all their clothes are not dyed pink.
There are energy use advantages and disadvantages of this system. Even though running the dryer for one load is not very energy efficient, washing full loads saves water. Another drawback to this system is that you have to sort, fold, and put away laundry every day, or live with piles of laundry until you can’t sit on the couch. Once again, if you can get your family to help, they can put their own clothes away every day.
To make this system more efficient, use a central gathering spot for dirty clothes. A hamper divided by color or type of clothes will speed up the sorting process. Leave a note to remind yourself to put the clothes in the dryer when you get home until this becomes an ingrained habit. Set a timer that you carry with you so clothes don’t get left in the dryer to wrinkle.
In the next post I’ll give you pros, cons, and some tips about the “divide and conquer” laundry system.

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