Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow

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Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow

Does your laundry system work with your lifestyle or against it? There are lots of different methods to get the laundry done. The important thing is to find one that suits your family and make it a routine. As a Professional Organizer, I have seen many different ways to handle laundry. The next several posts will examine the pros and cons of some of the more common systems. I’ll also give you some tips to make whatever method you choose run more smoothly.
In this post we’ll look at the “laundry today or naked tomorrow” method. This requires that laundry be done many times during the week. If a routine isn’t kept then laundry becomes a permanent crisis. When you have a limited number of work, school, or sports uniforms, and have to wear them frequently this system becomes mandatory. If you only have two soccer uniforms, you’ll have to wash them every other day.
You can make this system work efficiently with a little forethought. Knowing that you will have to wash every couple of days, you can plan to add other clothes to the uniform loads. This way you can wash larger, more energy efficient loads. To make this laundry routine easier, collect all the dirty clothes in a central location so you can pick out items to add to the uniform load. A color sorting hamper can make this process faster.
There are some drawbacks to using this system. Because not all types of clothes can be washed with the uniforms, you may end up with lots of clean shirts, but no underwear. Scheduling non-uniform loads on the off days should solve this problem.
An added disadvantage with this system is that every day you will be sorting clothes to find the right ones for today’s load. You may also find that instead of going through all the laundry to find things to wash with the uniforms, you just throw them in by themselves. The end result is that everything else waits until it becomes a crisis to get washed. Washing small loads is not very energy efficient.
Unless you have the time, energy, and discipline to fold everything, and put it away every day, this method can result in piles of clean clothes everywhere. If you have the space to keep them in the laundry area, put the clean clothes away every few days to make it less of a burden.
To avoid mornings with nothing to wear because the uniforms are still in the washer, set a timer to remind yourself to get the clothes out of the washer and the dryer. Take a few minutes to fold the clothes, even if you don’t have the time or energy to put them away.
In the next post I’ll look at the “Monday is jeans, Tuesday is whites” method.
Happy Washing!

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