Laundry is a Process #1

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Laundry is a Process #1

Is laundry a problem at your house? You’re not alone. In my many years as a Professional Organizer, I have heard lots of clients singing the laundry blues. Recognizing that laundry is a multi-step process will begin to chase the blues away. The steps are listed in this previous post,, and expanded below.
In my humble opinion, the reason so many homes are designed with such inconvenient laundry areas is a lack of understanding that laundry is a multi-step process. Laundry is not just putting clothes in the washer and dryer. Those are the only the tip of the iceberg in the steps it takes to do a load of laundry.
Once you separate the many steps in the laundry process you can find the bottlenecks in the system and eliminate them. When the next activity in a process is difficult or inconvenient, it creates a clog in the system. Determining where and why the process bogs down will lead to solutions and a working system. Let’s look at each activity needed to produce clean clothes. Bold face words are the names I used for the steps in the blog mentioned above, “guess the activity.” Can you identify what’s causing an interruption in your laundry routine?
There are lots of ways to gather dirty laundry. It can be done from each bedroom, the bathroom, or a central location. The method used must be quick and easy, or you will end up only washing what’s critical. How often you do laundry will make a difference in your gathering process and locations.
Separating (sorting) requires space and a method. The method will be determined by how you actually wash the clothes. Do you put everything in one load without sorting? Are loads divided only into darks and lights? Will loads be sorted by fabric types and colors, i.e. light dress shirts, dark dress pants, jeans? Each method has its pros and cons. We’ll discuss those in future posts.
Eliminating stains, preforming corrective actions, requires products, time, and a place. Untreated blotches, may require rewashing, extra time spent working to remove the stain, or worse, a ruined garment. Spots can be treated as clothes are taken off or on wash day. (If you can get kids to treat stains daily, please send them to my house.)
Putting clothes in the washer and adding detergent, place in 1st processing unit, add components, is usually not a big sticking point. An organized laundry area with easy access to laundry products will make this step easier.
We’ll examine the rest of the laundry process in future posts.

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