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Can you guess what activity the steps below are describing?

  1. Gather
  2. Combine
  3. Move to processing area
  4. Separate
  5. Examine
  6. Perform corrective actions
  7. Place into 1st processing unit
  8. Add other components
  9. Process
  10. Remove from 1st processing unit
  11. Place in 2nd processing unit
  12. Process
  13. Remove from 2nd processing unit
  14. Manipulate
  15. Separate
  16. Move to storage area
  17. Place in specific storage compartments

The answer is laundry. Laundry is not a single action. It is a multi-step process to produce a desired product, clean clothes to put on in the place you want to get dressed. If any of the steps aren’t completed the entire system breaks down. A breakdown in the process results in spending a lot more time and energy just to have a clean shirt to wear to work.
When clothes aren’t moved to the dryer on a timely basis, you have stinky clothes that need to be washed again. Clothes left in the dryer will be wrinkled and need to be run through the dryer again, or rewashed. If you wash and dry the clothes but don’t fold them, they can’t be put away. Don’t put the clothes away, and you’ll be getting dressed in the laundry room.
Unless you live in a nudist colony, you have to deal with laundry. Clothing is a basic need, just like food and shelter. A family that’s always scrambling to find clean clothes will constantly be operating in crisis mode. In my 10 years of experience as a Professional Organizer, I have found that laundry is one of the most difficult household chores for my disorganized clients to accomplish.
I’ll meet you in the laundry room as I dish the dirt on laundry in upcoming blogs.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Teach your kids (boys and girls) early!! Everyone should know how to do this simple household chore

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