Tools Storage Ideas

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Tools Storage Ideas

Are your tools a cluttered mess in the garage? There are lots of ways to solve the problem, even in a small garage. We talk Tools Storage Ideas.
Mark and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, are organizing the garage. They have cleared the floor by creating storage above the cars and high on the walls for boxes and large items. Now the challenge is to find space for Mark’s tools and space for him to work. He has lots of hand and power tools. He uses them to do repairs around the house and woodworking projects.
Mark has a small tool box and a cardboard box on the floor filled with tools. Mark tells Elizabeth the reason the tools end up in the cardboard box is that when he does home repairs he always seems to need more sizes of screwdrivers or wrenches than he thought. By the time the job is finished, he has several tools lying around and no place to put them in his small tool box. Elizabeth suggests that Mark purchase a large tool box that doubles as a step stool. The tools he uses most often for home repairs will be kept in the box. The box can easily be taken into the house with everything he needs, including a sturdy stool. Since the tools live in the box, Mark won’t have the extra step of putting them away. Elizabeth also recommends he wrap colored tape around the handles so everyone knows where to put the tools back. If Mark finds he often uses a tool from the “repair” tool box for projects in the garage, or vice versa, Elizabeth suggests he purchase a duplicate.
Since there’s not room for a standing tool chest, Elizabeth proposes they put up a peg board for the hand tools and anything else that can be hung. Mark tells her he has always wanted to do that, but he wasn’t able to find a wall until the clutter was cleared out. Elizabeth points out that Mark can make the pegboard even more useful by attaching a magnetic strip to hold things like drill bits and chisels. They will also nail a pocketed shoe holder to the wall to hold things that won’t hang on the pegboard. Elizabeth recommends Mark stuff the bottoms of some pockets with newspapers to hold short things that might disappear into the deep pockets. With careful placement, Mark and Elizabeth find room to put up some shelves in the corner to hold the power tools.
Mark would like to have a work bench. However, if he wants to park both cars in the garage (he knows it will be his car out in the heat and the cold) there is no room for a permanent workbench. Elizabeth has two ideas to create a space-saving workbench. The first is to build a table that attaches to the wall and pulls up and out for use. The second is that Mark make or purchase a free-standing table. The table could be hung on the wall or put on an overhead platform. Mark decides he will build an attached workbench and heads to the hardware store for wood to start building it.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.
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