Look up for Storage Space

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Look up for Storage Space

Does your cluttered garage have to function as a storage area and a work area? Have those functions moved your car out of the garage and into the sun? There are lots of ways to solve the problem, even in a small garage. Look up for Storage Space.
Mark and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, are organizing the garage. Mark has outlined all the functions the garage has to fulfill: storage for large and seasonal items, a place to keep his tools, space for his woodworking hobby, and room to park the car. Mark tells Elizabeth he would also like to have a workbench, so he could do things at a comfortable height. That’s a lot of stuff going on in a small space. It will require they utilize every square inch of the garage.
Several weeks ago, they shoved all the stuff out of the way, put Mark’s car in the garage, opened the doors, and measured the space they have to work with. They not only measured floor space, but also wall space and the amount of space they can utilize above the car and garage door.
Mark and Elizabeth researched several storage options to utilize every bit of space available. After the car goes in, floor space is very limited. So they looked up. They found lots of options for utilizing the area above the car and high on the walls. There are many different types of storage platforms that hang from the ceiling. Some will even lower from the ceiling so you don’t need a ladder to get things down. Shelves above head level can go all the way around the garage and to the ceiling to hold stuff.
Mark and Elizabeth determined which items would provide the most storage room. He and a friend have gotten everything installed and ready to use. They put up storage platforms, high shelves, and brackets to hold ski equipment.
Before they start putting things on the shelves and overhead platforms, Elizabeth asks Mark to divide things by their frequency of use. Because the overhead storage areas will require a little work to get to, i.e. a ladder or moving the car and lowering a platform, they will provide storage for items that are not needed very often. Things that are used more often will be put in the spaces that are the most accessible. Items not in boxes are wrapped in plastic to keep the dust out. Elizabeth labels everything on all sides before it is put away. A labeled piece of duct tape identifies the plastic covered items.
When everything is off the floor and put away, Mark triumphantly drives his car into the garage.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.

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