The Garage – Clutter Out & Car in

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The Garage – Clutter Out & Car in

Does your expensive car sit outside in the weather while your junk is protected in the garage? Clutter Out & Car in is what we talk about today.
Nikki and Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, are organizing the garage. Nikki is determined to get her car in the garage. She tells Elizabeth she is tired of getting into her car when it’s an oven after sitting in the sun.
Nikki wants to empty the garage before they start organizing the stuff. Elizabeth asks her if that method was successful the last time she tried to organize the garage. Looking around the space, Nikki realizes that several of the most disorganized spaces are filled with the stuff she didn’t get to in her last attempt. She ended up throwing things back in because she ran out of time before she ran out of stuff.
Elizabeth asks Nikki if they have ever parked a car in the garage. Nikki laughs and tells her they had the car in for a few days before the movers delivered their stuff from the old house. Boxes of stuff they didn’t know where to put in the new house, and stuff they weren’t sure they wanted anymore, were put in the garage several years ago and are still there. Nikki is not even sure what is in most of the boxes.
Elizabeth suggests they start with the boxes. She tells Nikki they will open one box at a time and decide what to do with each item before they move on to the next one. They will use Elizabeth’s “Gross” sort method to quickly categorize items, They gather containers and label them: “Keep” for things that will need to be carefully sorted. They will work on those things in a later session in the comfort of the house. “Donate” boxes will be put in Nikki’s car at the end of the session. To avoid leaving the garage to put things away they will have another box labeled, “Goes somewhere else.” At the end of the session these things will be put where they belong. “Trash” will go straight into the big bin.
As they open the boxes, Nikki frequently says, “I forgot I had this, I really want to keep this.” Elizabeth knows that finding things that haven’t been seen in a long time is like discovering buried treasure. He job is to help Nikki decide which items are the true jewels, and which are just trinkets that sparkle for a few minutes.
To help her separate the trash from the treasure Elizabeth asks her several questions. “Is this item something you’ve spent time looking for during the years it was in the box? If not, why is it special now? Have you replaced this with something else? Is this item better in some way than its replacement? Where will you store it?” Elizabeth reminds Nikki that keeping too many things puts a higher value on stuff than her goal of parking the car in the garage.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.
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