How to Store Garden Tools

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How to Store Garden Tools

Do you have a mine field of garden tools in your backyard shed or garage? Evaluate different storage systems to find the right one for you and your tools.
Elizabeth, Nikki’s Professional Organizer, is working with the whole family to get the backyard shed organized. They have emptied the shed, set up the patio furniture, and Mark has put up some shelves.
The next step is to organize the garden tools to make them accessible and keep them from injuring someone. When Elizabeth and Mark sort through the shovels, rakes and hoes, they discover many duplicates. Mark explains that when his parents moved into a condo, his father gave him all his yard equipment. Since it was in the middle of the winter, Mark crammed everything in the shed and forgot about it. He decides he will give the extras to a friend who just bought his first house. They are put in Mark’s car to deliver to his friend later.
Now that they know how many tools they need to store, Mark and Elizabeth look at the pros and cons of various storage methods:
Hang them on the wall with nails.
Pros – Cheap, easy Cons – Uses wall space
Purchase a hanging system.
Pros – Designed for tools Cons – Expensive, it may not hold Mark’s specific tools, uses wall space
Purchase a unit that sits on the floor.
Pros – Made for tools Cons – Expensive, it may not hold Mark’s specific tools, uses floor space
Use a trash can.
Pros – Cheap, easy Cons –Tools may lean over into walking space, uses floor space
Make a tool holder from a plastic barrel.

Pros – Easy, uses very little space, won’t fall over
Cons – Barrel may be expensive, uses floor space
Build a custom storage system in a corner of the shed.
Pros – Low cost, custom made, Mark would enjoy building it, uses wasted space in a corner
Cons – It will take time to design and build
Mark decides he will think about each option before he chooses a storage method. In the meantime, they put the tools in a corner of shed.
To corral small hand tools Elizabeth suggests Nikki purchase an organizer that fits over a bucket. The bucket can be carried around the yard when the tools are needed. Next all the gloves are gathered up and put in a container on a shelf. No more hunting everywhere to make a pair.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.
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