Organizing the Backyard Shed

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Organizing the Backyard Shed

Winter is finally over! Are you dreading opening the door to your storage shed to unearth your patio furniture and gardening tools? We talk Organizing the Backyard Shed at the beginning of summer so you can put things away quickly when snow is forecast in the fall.
Nikki is itching to get outside in the nice weather. She has asked Elizabeth, her professional organizer, to help her clear out the backyard shed so she can get to her patio furniture and gardening tools. Nikki is dreading getting into the shed because she knows she just threw stuff in last fall when a big storm was coming. It got even worse when the Christmas decorations were hauled out and shoved back in.
Because many of the things in the shed are his, and this will be a big job with some heavy lifting, Mark, Nikki’s husband, has agreed to be their muscle and handy man for the day. Mark has already put together some shelving units that were purchased for the shed a couple of years ago.
Elizabeth tells Nikki and Mark that she normally doesn’t suggest completely emptying a large area like an outdoor shed or garage all at once. Often the organizing doesn’t get finished before time, energy and sunlight runs out. However, in this case the shelves need to be installed before any real organizing can be done. Nikki has also enlisted the kids to help with the clearing out on the promise of a movie tomorrow. She has already told them the toys they have outgrown will be discarded or donated.
Elizabeth and the whole family start unloading the shed. They will use the patio for sorting. Elizabeth has taped signs on the patio windows designating different categories such as: hand tools, big tools, decorations, toys, furniture, donate, and discard. The kids are a big help until they find their old toys and start playing with them. Trying to ride their old, tiny tricycles they realize that now they are bigger they are unusable. They willingly put most of them into the donate pile.
While everyone was sorting, Mark has put the shelves in the shed and secured them to the wall to ensure they won’t fall over on someone. While Nikki makes some sandwiches for lunch, Mark and Elizabeth go through the large tools and determine what should be kept and what will be let go.
After a quick lunch, they will get back to work.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.

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