You look Mahvelous, Absolutely Mahvelous!

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You look Mahvelous, Absolutely Mahvelous!

Does your daughter’s floor have clothes everywhere because she tries on outfits before school and drops the losers on the floor? Here’s a great tip to not only keep clothes off the floor, but make it easier to pick the right look. Hint, it works for grownups too.
Nikki’s Professional Organizer, Elizabeth, is helping Nikki’s daughter Amy organize her bedroom. They are going through the clothes on the floor discovering the reasons they end up there. Amy explains to Elizabeth that she likes to try on different outfits before she decides what to wear, then doesn’t have time to put them away before school.
Elizabeth asks her if she really needs to try on the outfits, or if she could decide by seeing all the pieces together. Would an easy way to do that keep her clean clothes off the floor? Amy thinks that would be ok, but says she has tried putting clothes on her bed to coordinate them, but they end going on the floor when she goes to bed.
Elizabeth has already talked to Nikki about the idea she plans to suggest to Amy. She warns Nikki that this method may not result in the rejected clothes getting put back in the closet every day but should at least keep them off the floor. Nikki likes the idea and says she will buy the necessary hardware if Amy likes it.
Elizabeth proposes to Amy that they install a hook on the wall where she can hang up the tops she is considering. Beneath that they will put another hook to hold the pants or skirts she is trying to match.
Amy’s not sure how the idea will work so Elizabeth recommends they try it out in a way that is not permanent. They take a pair of pants and tape the hanger to the wall using painters tape. Next they tape a shirt hanger so Amy can see the whole outfit. Elizabeth demonstrates how the hooks will work by holding up several shirts and pants at the same time and letting Amy switch the items around to design an outfit. When she has made her choice, the rejected items are quickly and easily hung back in the closet.
Amy is delighted with the idea. She really likes that it’s easy to try different combinations, and she can also stand back and look at them before she decides. She runs to tell her mom about the idea, and they plan a time to go together to pick out the hooks. Nikki tells Elizabeth she is going to buy some for herself, so she can look mahvelous too.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.

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