What a Girl Wants

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What a Girl Wants

Does your daughter’s room look like a bomb went off with clothes scattered everywhere? What’s the first thing to do to organize all the categories of stuff young girls have?
Nikki has asked Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, to get her elementary age daughter’s room organized. Elizabeth tells Nikki that she will work with Amy, but Nikki cannot be in the room. “Amy becomes my client when we are organizing her things in her space. If you’re present she will either filter everything through what they think you want, or be oppositional because she wants to make her own decisions. Either way Amy will not be happy with the final result and won’t be able to keep her room neat,” Elizabeth explains. “Don’t worry, you’ll have the final say on anything to be donated or thrown away,” she tells Nikki.
Elizabeth and Amy start on her room after school. Elizabeth’s begins by asking Amy what she wants to be able to do in her room. Amy tells her the most important thing she wants to do is have her friends over. She is tired of being in the family room where “my bratty little brother is always bothering us.”
Elizabeth questions Amy about what is keeping her friends out of her room. Amy tells Elizabeth she is too embarrassed to have her friends see her messy room. “I don’t want my friends to think I’m a slob!”
As they look around the room, Elizabeth asks Amy to tell her about each of the items on the floor. She asks how it got there, how long it has been there, where it should “live, and why it isn’t there now. As they examine the clutter Elizabeth learns that inconvenient storage and lack of a scheduled time to put things away is at the root of most of the clutter. She also learns that Amy has strong ideas about how she wants her things stored. Elizabeth’s job is to make those ideas into practical reality. They will work on that in their next session.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.
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