Don’t fold Kids’ Clothes

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Don’t fold Kids’ Clothes

Do you need a better way to store your kids’ clothes? Do the dirty and the clean all end up on the floor? Read on for ways to make clothing storage suit their personalities and capabilities.
Elizabeth, Nikki’s Professional Organizer, has been working with Nikki’s son, Ben, to organize his clothes to make it easy for him to put away and find the ones he wants.
Ben has told Elizabeth that having his clean clothes on the floor, so he can get to them easily, is his preferred method of storage. After some thought, he decides the floor is better used for playing with toys than clothes storage. They talk about different storage methods, and Elizabeth suggests some alternatives to the floor.
Nikki has installed shelves in Ben’s closet at a height he can reach. The first thing Elizabeth proposes is putting the laundry hamper on the floor in the closet. After Ben puts away his clean clothes, the hamper will go back in the closet to gather dirty clothes. Ben decides that will work because with the door open he can practice his free throws into the hamper.
Elizabeth’s next suggestion is one that both Ben and Nikki endorse. Ben’s underwear and socks will not be folded. They will be put in bins on the shelves. Since Ben wears white socks most of the time the socks don’t have to be paired. He can just reach in the bin, pull out two socks, and he is ready to go. Since underwear is going in a bin instead of a drawer, it doesn’t need to be folded to fit in a specific amount of space. Ben really doesn’t care if his underwear is wrinkled.
Next Ben and Elizabeth decide how to store his shirts and jeans. They put the shirts on one shelf and his jeans on another. They are careful not to put too many items in a stack so it’s easy for Ben to take out what he wants. The clothes that are left over after the reorganization are put in the newly emptied drawers in the dresser. Ben doesn’t care if he wears the same clothes for weeks at a time, but Nikki does. She will periodically swap clothes from the dresser to the closet to vary Ben’s wardrobe.
Ben is happy with the new system because it makes it easy to get out and put away his clothes. Nikki is happy because his clothes will not be all over the floor.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.
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