Make Putting Clothes Away Easier for Your Kids

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Make Putting Clothes Away Easier for Your Kids

Tired of your kids’ clean clothes never getting put away? Are you washing clean clothes because you can’t tell whether the stuff on the floor is clean or dirty? Read on for ways to make putting clothes away easier for your kids.
Elizabeth, Nikki’s Professional Organizer, has been working with Nikki’s son, Ben, to organize the toys in his room. Now that the toys have been assigned homes it’s time to organize Ben’s clothes. Elizabeth asked Nikki to go through Ben’s clothes and take out the ones he has outgrown to make room for reorganization.
Elizabeth starts by asking Ben how he likes to have his clothes put away. Does he like to have them on hangers or would he prefer them folded and put in his dresser? Ben tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t like having his clothes hung up because they are too hard to get off the hangers. When he tries to pull his clothes off the hangers, as young children usually do, they don’t come off easily and the hangers end up on the floor.
Ben tells Elizabeth he doesn’t like his clothes folded and put in the dresser either. Elizabeth asks, “How do you want to store your clothes?” Ben answers, “On the floor, so I can find everything!” Elizabeth agrees with him that the floor is the biggest shelf in the room. She then asks him whether he wants his clothes taking up all the floor space, or room to play with his toys. Ben says he wants space for his toys.
They agree that the clothes have to be put away somewhere and start looking for solutions. Ben’s closet has a wire shelf system that can be set up in different configurations. Right now, it only has a hanging rod and a high shelf. Elizabeth tells Ben she will talk to his parents about adding shelves to the closet to make putting his clothes away almost as easy as using the floor.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.
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