Creative Storage for Toys

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Creative Storage for Toys

Do your kids dump out all their toys to find the one they want? Use storage items in creative ways for toys. We talk Creative Storage for Toys.
Elizabeth, Nikki’s Professional Organizer, has been working with Nikki’s son, Ben, to organize the toys in his room. Ben and Elizabeth are working on the third and fourth tasks in the “SPACE” acronym, “assigning homes” and containerizing Ben’s toys.
Elizabeth has learned from Ben that he wants his Transformers stored so he can see them and pick out the one he wants. They try standing the Transformers up on his bookcase between his Lego creations. This is very frustrating for Ben. The toys are hard to get balanced to stand up, and they keep falling down. Ben is worried about them getting damaged by falling on the floor. Elizabeth is concerned that one falling in the middle of the night will wake Ben and frighten him.
Elizabeth remembers that after they organized and purged Nikki’s shoes, there was spare over the door shoe holder with clear pockets. They hung it on the back of Ben’s door. Ben put his Transformers in some of the pockets. Elizabeth had Ben reach up to see if he could reach the top pockets. He isn’t tall enough yet to get things out of the top two rows. Elizabeth attached ribbons to the hooks on the top of the door and the shoe holder. She lowered the holder until Ben could reach all the pockets. As Ben grows the ribbons can be shortened and the organizer lifted higher.
Ben loves time putting his Transformers away. He really likes that they are all together and easy to see through the clear pockets. Since Ben doesn’t care if they are always stored in the same pockets it will be easy to find an empty pocket to put each toy in when clean up time comes.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.
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