Organize Legos

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Organize Legos

Do your kids make a mess with their Legos? Simple ways to organize Legos for play and clean up.
Elizabeth, Nikki’s Professional Organizer, has been working with Nikki’s son, Ben, to organize the toys in his room. Elizabeth has told Nikki that the goal is to organize Ben’s toys so he can play with them then easily put them away. This may not necessarily make the room “magazine photo” pretty, but will make it easier for Ben to keep his room clean.
Yesterday Ben and Elizabeth sorted the toys onto sheets then bundled them up and put them in the toy box for today’s organizing session. Now they will start putting them away in their assigned storage places. Ben has a toy box and a brand new bookcase with cubbies and fabric bins for toy storage. Yesterday, he told Elizabeth he doesn’t like the toy box because the little pieces are always at the bottom and things get broken as he digs through to find what he wants. Nikki purchased the bookcase and bins to try to solve that problem, but so far Ben has only used the bins to dump things in. Items are not sorted and all the bins get poured out on the floor when he wants to find something. Ben agrees that the toy box will be used only for big toys and they will sort the smaller things into the fabric bins.
When Elizabeth asked Ben about his Legos he said he likes to build with Legos and then use his creations as props when he plays with his vehicles and Transformers. He likes to keep his Lego buildings for a while so he can use them again and again. Elizabeth asked him if he likes all his toys all mixed up together or if he would like them separated. He tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t like his Legos getting all mixed up with everything else.
Since the Lego buildings are large items and very important to Ben, they will start by assigning them to a home. The top of the bookcase is chosen. This space fulfills four purposes: they will not get knocked apart until Ben decides to take them apart; they can be admired by all who see them; the top of the bookcase provides a limit to the number of creations so blocks are available for Ben to use his imagination; they are easily taken down and put away.
Elizabeth asks Ben how he wants to store the loose Lego pieces that are still on the sheet. She asks if he wants to sort by color, by type (people, vehicles, weapons, etc.) or by size. Ben decides that he doesn’t want to spend time separating out all the different kinds of specialty blocks every time he has to clean up and they can all go in the same bin. To make cleaning up loose blocks easier Ben agrees that he will only play with his Legos on a special sheet just for them. When it’s time to clean up he can put the buildings back on the bookcase and use the sheet to pour the loose ones back into the bin. Elizabeth encourages Ben to use this strategy to not only save people’s feet but also to keep his precious Legos from the vacuum cleaner.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.
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