Organize Toys

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Organize Toys

Can’t kiss your kids goodnight without tripping over toy clutter? How to organize toys so your kids can put them away.

Nikki has asked Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, to get her elementary age kids’ rooms organized. Elizabeth tells Nikki that she will work with each child’s toys in their own room, but Nikki cannot be in the room. “The child becomes my client when we are organizing their things in their space. If you’re present they’ll filter everything through what they think you want,” Elizabeth explains. “Don’t worry, you’ll have the final say on anything to be donated or thrown away. The kids may have toys that are too complicated for them now. They don’t realize that in a few years they will probably enjoy it.”

Elizabeth and Ben start on his room after school. They will attack the toy clutter with the same Julie Morganstern SPACE acronym she uses with her adult clients. They will sort, purge, assign a home, containerize, and then equalize.

The first sort is to separate the toys Ben plays with from the ones he doesn’t. As they do that Elizabeth asks him why he doesn’t play with something. Some toys are missing too many pieces, some are broken, they are outgrown and a few he just doesn’t like. The purged toys are put aside for Nikki to look through.

Elizabeth asks Ben several questions to determine the best way to store his toys. Which toys are the most fun? What do you play with the most? How do you play with it, by itself or with other toys? “What’s the easiest way to put this away? Do these kinds of toys need to be by themselves? If not, what can they be mixed with?” She reminds Ben that he will have to clean up his toys, so they need to be organized for clean up as well as play.

Ben and Elizabeth separate toys by type onto the several different sheets Elizabeth has put on the floor. They tie up the sheets with the toys in them and pile them in the toy box for tomorrow’s organizing session. Ben chooses one to be left out so he can play.

Today Ben and Elizabeth worked on the first two tasks, sorting and purging. Elizabeth knows that a child’s attention span for organizing is very short and planned that they would not finish today. Now that Elizabeth knows how Ben likes to play, tomorrow they will assign a home and containerize.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.
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  1. I’m sharing this with my children so they can help their children with the toys! I’m looking forward to the next chapter!

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