Confining Toy Clutter in the Family Room

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Confining Toy Clutter in the Family Room

Tripping over toy clutter in your family room? How to store toys so your kids will put them away.
Nikki and Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, are organizing the family room. Toy clutter is everywhere. Nikki’s kids are still young enough to play with toys, and they often times want to play in the family room. After she stepped on a Lego and a Barbie shoe on the same day, Nikki is ready to banish all toys to their bedrooms.
Elizabeth has some ideas that will make the kids happy and maintain Nikki’s sanity as well as her feet.
The bookcase that was cleared of books still has two empty shelves. Elizabeth proposes that each child be assigned a shelf to use for their small items. Nikki has more baskets like the ones they used under the TV, so they label them with the kids’ names and put one on each shelf. There is still some empty space on each shelf for the kids to put more toys.
Elizabeth also suggests that each kid have a larger container that sits on the floor so they can just toss stuff in. Nikki wants to use containers with lids. Elizabeth reminds Nikki of organizing principle Number 5, “KISS – Keep it short and simple.” She explains that, especially with kids, picking up has to be as uncomplicated as possible. Taking a lid off creates one more step in the process. The kids will most likely pile the toys on top because it is easier.
Nikki asks what happens when all the kids’ toys end up in the family room and overflow the shelves and containers. “Then they have to take some out and put them in their rooms. The size of the containers will limit the number of toys in the family room, so the toy clutter won’t take over again,” Elizabeth replies. “Then the next place we have to get organized is the kids’ rooms,” Nikki jokes.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.
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